Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage application

We offer glass containers for Food & Beverage Fileds

Affordable but quality products are pushed to perfection by YueBo. Our jars and glass bottles satisfy all styles of food and beverage. Different selections of styles, colors, finishes and closures are available. Our specialized manufacturing methods differentiate bottles under glass bottles. It is divided into molded bottles and control bottles. Choose from a variety of our items that can meet your needs.

Benefits for Food & Beverage Field

Flagstick design to engage your guest

Look no further for other designs because YueBo got you covered. This sector offers a catalog that includes jam jars, candy jars, honey jars, etc. Our selection contains a large number of shapes, sizes, styles and finishes. With our high-end decorating techniques, you will surely never go wrong.

FDA certified

YueBo relies mainly on its quality and advanced production control. Our regulated facilities are verified to operate with the highest possible health and safety standards. Our automated production line will eliminate unskilled glass bottles. The protocols used by our in-house factories have proven their effectiveness and safety against harmful products. Bottle defects in terms of specifications and performance are thoroughly checked before release.

Customized molding for all bottle size

Customized glass bottles are YueBo’s specialty. Most of our customers choose a customized glass mold. This glass bottle and mold is designed and manufactured by our customers’ brands. YueBo offers its know-how and technology as well as its aesthetics and inspiration for the design and manufacture of glass bottles.

Glass Materials Keep Flavor Brilliant and Fresh

YueBo makes intense efforts to maintain its quality products. That’s why every inspection of every item separate defect from those that are not. Our products have a total content of lead, calcium, mercury and hexavalent chromium less than or equal to 200 milligrams per kilogram. These explain the safe use of YueBo’s products. In addition, our products have always been free of arsenic and lead. We also develop our protection policies by adopting protocols. Sample processing and laboratory analysis of our products are also implemented.

Customized Design to Attract Repeat Customers

YueBo products can be customized according to your desires. Our special dedication to the style of our products is evident in our sophisticated and sophisticated customizations. Different models of molds, colors, shapes and sizes can be modified into the desired product. With YueBo, creativity and personal branding are strongly emphasized.

Order Glass Containers for Food & Beverage in Bulk

YueBo’s food and beverage glass containers can be ordered at a certain amount. In particular, a standard MOQ of 5000 pieces is allowed. One can surely enjoy the features and designs of our products. YueBo offers a wide range of selection to choose from. Don’t hesitate to give us your best proposal possible now.

YueBo glass food and beverage containers can be ordered at a certain quantity. In particular, a standard MOQ of 5000 pieces is available. We can surely appreciate the features and designs of our products. YueBo offers a wide range of choices to choose. Feel free to make your best proposal now. Please do not hesitate to contact us now.


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