Glass Kombucha Bottles


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Glass Kombucha Bottles Features

  • Easy to label
  • Thick-Walled
  • BPA Free Cap, Lead Free Glass

Glass Kombucha Bottles Features

More and more people choose to drink the hand made kombucha, because of it’s healthy ingredient and good teast, most importantly is it can Fizz and very quench thirst because of the carbonation. This requires good quality glass which has even surface and thicker body for packing kombucha. Our bottles are all thoroughly tested and high quality so check them out!

You can also choose from our sections for beverage packing, there are a lot of other styles like french squares, boston round bottles and different shapes of bottles for juice you may like to bottling your own kombucha.

If you can not find a bottle that you like,please contact with our salesman to get your own designed kombucha bottle for your brand.

Glass Kombucha Bottles Data Sheet

Glass Kombucha Bottles Application

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