Health & Beauty

Health & Beauty Application

We Offer Glass Containers for Health & Beauty

YueBo glass containers for health and beauty are available in large selections. You can choose from jar with a capacity of 20g, 30g, 50g, 80g, and etc. For bottles, sizes range from 20 ml to 120 ml. We also make customizations to maximize the needs of the brand. Our lids are available in different variants. These include a pump dispenser, liquid sprayers and screw cap with stopper.

Benefits for Health & Beauty Glass

Decorating and Labeling Made Easy

The variants cover a gift box, cardboard box, paper card, hang tag, paper bag, manual, etc. We offer craft paperboard, color printing boxes, paper bags, gift boxes, paper cards, etc.

Quality Glass for Beauty

YueBo’s pumps, sprays and other quality products are widely used in all sectors. YueBo provides the latest innovations that can help the brand get started with quality products. Standard export or custom packaging covers these accessories for safety transport.

Pumps, Camps, Sprayers and More Supplies Cross Industries

YueBo uses a quality glass material that allows repeated use. Our products are lead free, arsenic free, low iron content and UV protected.

Customized Packaging Boxes

YueBo specializes in high-end products with professional packaging. We also deliver in the early times with great transport solutions. Our packaging boxes have guaranteed quality with excellent support.

Glass Bottles for Health & Beauty

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Quality of materials counts in the health and beauty field

YueBo’s strict quality control system from raw materials to finished products, supports commercial activities. Our thick-walled glasses are made of robust material. It can guarantee long-term use of your creams and balms. Our raw materials are free of harmful chemicals. These harmful components such as BPA and lead can damage the body. We always make sure that YueBo products are safe.

Internal design support allows you to realize your vision

YueBo’s factories use efficient machines to manufacture innovative products. Our design team works in duplicate to provide the best style possible. Our bottle decorating techniques are also top rate. These include painting, frosting, mating, acid etching, etc. One can choose from a variety of finishes and colors. Customizations are also proposed. Customized logos and packaging can also be offered. This allows extra creativity. In addition, the voice of an individual brand will be highlighted.

Unlimited Deco Capabilities

YueBo offers countless possibilities to make our products beautiful easier. Our decorated glass jars can bring elegance to your home. A line of beauty products can also benefit from our decorative abilities. The use of decorative techniques such as frosting can also help the contents of the bottle. This process protects it from sun exposure. On top of that, the luxurious exterior can consider it as an ideal beauty storage.


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