Glass Miniature Bottles


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Glass Miniature Bottles Features

  • Leak proof, smell proof cap
  • Smooth sides perfect to labeling
  • Perfect for liquors, hot sauces or oils
  • Lots of Unique design for your choice

Glass Miniature Bottles Features

Glass Miniature wine bottles are exactly what you would think by hearing the name. They’re a small bottle that’s going to give you only a little bit of wine instead of a full bottle that gives you up to 10 servings.  During traveling, the standard bottle could get broken somewhere along the way, but with mini bottles of wine, you won’t have that problem. Or if you’re looking for a wedding favor or just something cute to give to the guests, this is a great way to go. Also this type of bottle can be great if you and some friends are looking to try out different wines or flavors as well. 

Our different shapes of miniature glass bottles volume are 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 150ml and 200ml. We can also make a copy of your own shaped bottle to a smaller one to match your shape as series.

Glass Miniature Bottles Data Sheet

Glass Miniature Bottles Application

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