Four Popular Essential Oil Bottles

The essential oils market is valued at $18.6 billion and is expected to grow at a rate of 7.4% per annuml over the next five years. The popularity of natural and botanical medicines is steadily increasing as health and wellness becomes a priority for consumers. Are you an essential oil producer? Are you selecting the right essential oil bottles for your products? Would you like to learn about the best essential oil bottles for your company? Keep reading, this article will help you understand the different types of essential oil bottles that are most commonly used today. This article introduces you to 4 of the most commonly used essential oil bottles today. And it will provide you with the fastest and best quality sources.

Dram Bottles 

The most common essential oil bottle (Dram) is a small glass bottle with a perforated plastic stopper. It makes it easy to dispense small amounts of essential oils.This bottle is perfect if you want to sell pure essential oils and people can use it to blend their own oils. The bottle is small, usually only 10 ml, and can be fitted with a roller ball at the top. These high quality small glass vials are great for holding small amounts and samples of essential oils, floral waters, perfumes, and more. The caps make a nice tight seal and are made of heavy plastic to stand up to even the toughest applications.

Boston Round Bottles

A rounded-shaped bottle, the Boston round is usually larger than the dram bottle and better for selling oils in larger quantities.Essential oil dropper bottles are usually Boston round shape. An effective way to dispense the right amount of oil; they are widespread in the skincare industry. Boston round bottles come in a variety of sizes for different uses. Whether you need a small bottle for personal use or a larger one for blending and dilution, you can find the size that best suits your needs. In addition to this, Boston round bottles have made their way into many industries other than essential oils. Cosmetic companies use them to hold serums and lotions, while pharmaceutical manufacturers rely on their precision to hold liquid medications. From laboratories to artisanal perfume workshops, Boston round bottles have become synonymous with safe and efficient liquid storage.

You can also add spray nozzles to Boston Round bottles, which is great if you sell essential oil cleaning products or room fresheners. If you want to add these features to your packaging, you’ll need to consider injection molding costs.

Rollerball Bottles

Essential oil roller bottles are perfect for people who want to carry essential oils with them. It makes it easy to apply essential oils to specific areas of the body – such as wrists and temples.Whether you’re in a traffic jam or in a stressful work environment, carrying an essential oil rollerball with you can help you stay calm and centered. Simply apply it to your wrists or temples, take a deep breath, and enjoy the benefits. It is good to carry an oil with you. The oils can help your stress. They make you feel better and can make you feel like a person again. You don’t have to worry about them spilling everywhere because they are small and fit in anything! This packaging is better if you are selling essential oils that already have a carrier oil. If you are selling pure essential oils, a dram bottle is preferable. Blended oils are also best packaged in roller balls.

Euro Bottles 

Smaller than a Boston round bottle, euro bottles are small glass bottles with a narrow neck. They have a stopper in the top to efficiently distribute essential oils in small quantities. Euro bottles are perfect for safely storing essential oils, e liquids, chemicals and other types of liquid. Choose from 10ml, 15ml, 20ml and 30ml capacities

Your essential oils need protection from oxygen, heat, and moisture to stop them from going bad. For this reason, you need to choose to package with proper sealing. You want to check that the bottle tops are air-tight and that oxygen or moisture can’t enter them. 

You also want to make sure the bottles are leak-proof! There would be nothing worse than putting a bottle of oil in your bag to find out it leaks everywhere. The durability of the bottles you choose will have a big impact on the overall satisfaction of your end customer. Choosing high-quality packaging will elevate your products. 

Choose the Right Bottles for Your Needs

Now you have learned about the different types of essential oil bottles and why their nuances are so important.Now it’s time to choose which type of essential oil bottle is best for your needs and product line. It may be that only one type of essential oil bottle won’t fulfill your need to sell multiple products. You may need more than one type of bottle for different types of products.Take a look at our website of to find the perfect packaging solution for your business.